STEM Learning Map


STEM Lead – Mr Hickman

A report published by the Department for Education (DfE) stated that “STEM skills are crucial for the UK’s productivity, and a shortage of STEM skills in the workforce is one of our key economic problems”.
But what is STEM? In its simplest terms is means Science, Technology, Engineers and Maths…but it also means so much more!
At EPCHs we are developing an ambitious plan to address the government’s findings by integrating STEM into all parts of the national curriculum where possible. This means, that ALL of our students’ will develop the necessary skill set for them to achieve their goals as they take their next step on their journey within the educational or workplace environment.
Our STEM program will have a range of activities to engage ALL students where they can develop the necessary skill set including two after school STEM Clubs for Key-stage 3 and 4. We will also have the advantage of developing the leadership qualities of our 6th form within these STEM related activities. Throughout the year there will be Team Building events to engage and develop students’ soft skills.
The STEM program will also target keynote speakers and other educational establishments from the world of STEM related industries, to engage and enthuse our students understanding of the STEM world. To enrich the students’ life within the school environment, students will also experience specific STEM related trips as well as certification opportunities from either CREST or STEMM, to raise our students’ aspirations of wanting to enter into the world of STEM.