Learning Mentors

Learning Mentor 1:1 – Learning Mentors at Ellesmere Port Catholic High provide regular 1:1 sessions for those students who require additional support in accessing education. We provide more intensive pastoral support for particular children who need space and a person who can speak to them about overcoming behavioural, social or emotional barriers.

Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) – We have 3 trained ELSA’s at Ellesmere Port Catholic High School who have specialised training from educational psychologists in order to support the emotional wellbeing of children and young people at school. The ELSA’s have regular access to group supervision to ensure that the support provided to the children is in the best interest of the child.

TA Check In
 – Here at Ellesmere Port Catholic High School, we feel that children should not only have behavioural support in stand-alone interventions. Instead, some of our teaching assistants ensure that children who can become dysregulated due to social, emotional or mental health issues are checked on in lessons. The ‘check-in’ sessions are designed to ensure that children have the most independence in regulating behaviour but are supported when needed.

 – Some of our children have a Team around the Family, Child In Need or Child Protection plan. These plans are created to provide a consistent framework of support between agencies is provided with the family in mind. While a child is on one of these plans, the child will be provided with interventions suited to their own individual needs.

CAHMS Liaison
 – Ellesmere Port Catholic High School aim to provide the most innovative and creative ways to provide support to our children for a variety of reasons from mental health, emotional or behavioural support. The pastoral team aim to ensure that we seek guidance and support from external agencies such as CAHMS (Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services) to ensure that the correct support is put in place for a child. If the school feels that a child needs regular support from CAHMS, we will make a referral where necessary.

 – The trailblazers is an initiative new to the Cheshire West and Chester region. The school will have mental health support network teams that will provide early help and prevention for cases considered mild to moderate.

School Counsellor
 – The school counsellor provides weekly 1:1 sessions to provide emotional support on a confidential basis. The Head of Year and the Pastoral team will meet with the Safeguarding Lead and the Trauma Informed Practice Co-Ordinator to triage cases for school counselling.

Horticultural Therapy
 – We are lucky to have a great garden space at the school. We do not feel that therapy or support is restricted to a room with two chairs and a table. We feel that support should be bespoke to each child and where necessary adjustments are made to make the child’s support interventions more varied.

Lego Therapy
 – Lego Therapy is something new to the school. It is an intervention used to help children with ASD or Social and Communication difficulties. The aim of the intervention is to support the communication skills of children while using interactive activities using lego.

Everton in the Community
 – Everton Football Club has a great charity that the school is working with in order to provide support with the most disadvantages pupils in the school. This ranges from 1:1 Mentoring, group workshops and community projects.

Yoga and Circuit Training
 – The sensory circuits are designed to support children with developing skills on self-regulating through a variety of sensory activities prior to the school this is an intensive intervention to support children to get ready for the full day of schooling. The interventions will be set on a half-termly basis and will be evaluated with the parent, teacher and child.

My Happy Minds
 – My Happy Minds is a project created by Laura Earnshaw supporting children to develop resilience and emotional regulation independently.

Dove Body Image
 – Dove Body Image is a programme we deliver for children who have self-esteem, confidence or body image issues. The aim of the project is to reflect upon the cultural and societal variations in image ideals.

Group Learning Mentor Sessions / Princes Trust
 – We are firm believers that life skills are important for the development of some young people. We will provide additional social and life skills that are complimentary to the PSHE curriculum at the school to support our children becoming independent adults in the future.

School Health
 – All children have access to the school nurse in a drop in session. The children will be able to access health and safety support as well as any check-ups needed to ensure the child is healthy. Communication regarding these drop-in sessions will be available in September.

BSL Club
 – Communication and interaction is key for a child development. Learning Finger spelling and emotions through sign is a valuable way to learn spelling and boost confidence. At Ellesmere Port Catholic High School, languages such as Spanish and French are part of the curriculum. We also provide BSL club to those children who are interested so that they have an extra string to their bow and something to write on their CV.

Movie Club
 – Some children would like to unwind after a long day at school. We provide movie club for our children to provide them with time to socialise with their peers and make up for the lost time during the Covid-19 restrictions.

Drop In Sessions
 – The school holds a daily lunch time drop in service for children who would like to speak to Learning Mentors and seek advice and guidance. This will be an opportunity for Learning Mentors to triage any support or recommend services to a child when needed.