Personal Safety Learning Map

Safety at EPCHS 

Safety Lead – Mr Hughes
The students of EPCHS are learning crucial safety skills through the curriculum. Now however, through our personal safety program they will be encouraged to understand the importance of these skills at a far higher level and learn more to support them, both inside and outside of school.
Adopting a whole school approach to personal safety education means our curriculum, health and safety policies and practice will support us in developing a culture where students benefit from challenging and stimulating learning experiences in school and allows them, to take on the challenges and experiences outside of school, while staying as safe as possible.
Our personal safety program will see a range of activities, including topic specific speakers, theatre performances, role play and more. The aim of our personal safety program is to ensure EVERY one of our students has access to support agencies, direction on managing online issues, advice from professionals online and in person and the ability to manage financial decisions, presenting them with opportunities to develop positive actions around their own and others safety.
We have an amazing team ready to bring new and existing ideas to life, developing the skills of ALL our students, so that EVERY student, has the opportunity to build their awareness and react with positivity.