Department Intent Statement

The Humanities Department at Ellesmere Port Catholic High School aims to provide a fulfilling, knowledge-rich curriculum to all pupils which helps them understand aspects of modern society and the wider environmental, political and social issues which make up the world we live in today. This department will prepare all pupils to become confident, model citizens of the future in an ever-changing landscape.

This will be accomplished through our commitment to excellent teaching and learning; a knowledge-rich curriculum which enables pupils of all abilities to meet and exceed their potential. This will be instilled into all pupils throughout Years 7-13 through high expectations and challenge. We aim for students to become highly effective and independent learners, allowing them to develop their explanation, analysis and evaluation skills which are crucial to success in the workplace. Moreover, the department’s emphasis on ‘cultural capital’ will ensure pupils further their understanding of a wide and diverse range of cultures, societies and traditions.

Key Stage 3 Intent Statement

The Key Stage 3 curriculum is intended to develop a love of both Geography and History, also wish to prepare students for the skills required at GCSE, regardless of which subject option they proceed with. Consequently, the structure of the curriculum has been designed so that there is clear progress from one year to the next. Each year the units build on the knowledge and understanding gained in the previous year. The intention is that by the time our students reach Year 10, they have gained in-depth knowledge of a wide breadth of historical and geographical topics, with the required skills developed sufficiently to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

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Year 9

Key Stage 4 Intent Statement

The Key Stage 4 curriculum is designed to build on the skills and knowledge obtained at Key Stage 3 in order to develop the analytical and evaluative skills of all pupils. Pupils will study in-depth units across both subjects which tests their ability to retain key knowledge as well as enhancing their examination skills. In both History and Geography, the delivery of the curriculum is approached in a thematic way. Moreover, a curriculum rich in cultural capital will mean that pupils can apply their learning to real-world, current events and gain a greater understanding of how the world around them has been formed. In addition, pupils will be given a number of enrichment opportunities which help them to apply their in-class learning as well as providing a culturally enriching experience. 

Year 10
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Key Stage 5 Intent Statement

Across all three Humanities subjects – Geography, History and Government & Politics, pupils will again be able to build yet further on the skills they have harnessed throughout Key Stages 3 and 4. During the two years of study, all pupils will benefit from a knowledge-rich curriculum which test their ability to think critically, effectively analyse and make sustained, supported judgements on a wide variety of topics, both past and present and across the world. The intent is to effectively prepare all students, through a challenging and rewarding curriculum, for their next steps, whether they be higher education, apprenticeships or employment. Moreover, pupils will be given a number of enrichment opportunities which help them to apply their in-class learning as well as providing a culturally enriching experience. 

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