Department Intent Statement

Criminology prepares to equip our students with an introduction to the Criminal Justice System, the reasons why people turn to crime and our control measures within society.  Criminology is a Key Stage 5 option subject, and it highly complements the study of other Social Sciences including Sociology, and Psychology. By studying Criminology, students can actively see how the Criminal Justice System impacts on their own behaviour and conduct in a British society.  Students learn to analyse situations and draw conclusions based on their knowledge. 

The curriculum has been designed to enable students to leave with a Certificate (equivalent to half a level qualification) should they not choose to study past year 12. Within year 12 all students will study one external examination and one piece of controlled coursework. Students who continue in year 13 will then complete a second external examination and a controlled assessment unit to achieve the full Diploma (A Level equivalent). 

By studying Criminology, students can gain an A Level equivalent qualification graded A*-E which can lead onto a variety of destinations from further study to apprenticeships or the world of work. With the ability to analyse scenarios and draw conclusions, Criminology learners are well placed with analytical skills to help them once they leave the 6th form. Students who study Criminology are well placed to go into a variety of Higher Education courses such as Criminology, Sociology, Psychology, Law, or any other related course. Employment opportunities are often within the Criminal Justice System, Victim support agencies, Law firms, Crown Prosecution Service, or the National Probation Service.  

Within Criminology, the students will also develop skills required for independent learning and development, a range of generic and transferable skills, the skills of project-based work, development, and presentation and the fundamental ability to work alongside other professionals. 

YEar 12
Year 13